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The Corgi Show

The Corgi Show
June 24, 2017 - July 9, 2017
Jun 24, 6:00PM - 9:00PM

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Who doesn't love corgis?  Because we certainly do!  Come check out our show featuring a number of adorable art dedicated to the ever popular corgi.

Friendly corgis and their humans are welcome!


Alexandria Neonakis
Andrew Kolb
Benson Shum
Betsy Bauer
Brigette Barrager
Drake Brodahl
Ellen Surrey
Eren Blanquet
Gabby Zapata
Grace Kum
Heather Franzen
James W. Suhr
Janice Chu
Jared Andrew Schorr
Jon Lau
Junyi Wu
Kari Casady
Leigh Luna
Loris Lora
Naomi Romero
Ryan Berkley
Teny Issakhanian
Whitney Pollett
Zoe Persico


  • New and original corgi artwork
  • Nucleus exclusive print releases
  • Free admission, No RSVP necessary
  • Free refreshments
  • more to be announced
*Header image by Heather Franzen Rutten
*Rollover image by Ryan Berkley

Event Exclusives

Let's Play! (PRINT)

35.00 USD

A Good Good Fairy Dog (PRINT)

35.00 USD

Corgi Cacti (PRINT)

30.00 USD

Sir Corgi (PRINT)

30.00 USD