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Scoops! Daikokuya!

This place is A-MA-ZING. Located right next to Los Angeles City College, Scoops is the go-to place for tasty, homemade (and vegan!) ice cream. Two scoops for under $3!

They've been known to have some crazy-sounding flavors like strawberry balsamic vinegar and goat cheese with fig. I decided to stick with pistachio rose water on my first visit. No lie, my roommate and I were almost brought to tears of joy. We're huge pistachio ice cream fans, and SC rarely ever stocks pints of pistachio Haagen-Dazs, so Scoops definitely hit the spot. They also let you submit suggestions for new flavors. I'm rooting for pumpkin pie!

If you're ever near Koreatown or Los Feliz, do yourself a favor, and check out Scoops. This place is like a mini Willy Wonka factory.

And the Monterey Park Daikokuya has arrived! They're in their "soft pre-opening" stage, since they have yet to obtain official licensing from the health department. For now, they're open only for dinner, which starts at 6 PM. This location doesn't have the combination deals (sad face), but it's still good. 

Please note that it's in the three-story building located on the corner of Atlantic and Garvey in #241 (the north side). Hopefully you all aren't directionally challenged like I am; it took us literally 30 minutes to find this place during a previous visit. Wow.


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ohhh...my friend and i found this place WHEN we got lost in los feliz. such a good night.

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