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Rocket In your Pocket Contest - Winning Numbers!

As you know, we are giving away Scott C collectibles now through March 14 as his upcoming exhibit HOME SLICE is set to open this coming Saturday with the artist in attendance.  Today's prize is a set of 3 of Scott C's most popular prints including Sharing With Plants, Igloo Head & Tree Head 2, and Cutest Thing Ever.

Today's Winning Numbers:


If the number on your ROCKET flier matches one of the ten numbers above, call us at 626-458-7482 and leave a message.  The first person to contact us and confirm their winning number will be awarded this prize!  Read more details about the Rocket In Your Pocket Contest here

STAY TUNED HERE on March 4, for our next round of winning numbers.  This Wednesday's winner will receive the Ninjas All Over The Place designer tee, fashioned after Scott C's popular original work of the same name from our Revenge of the Ninja exhibit.  These artist-designed tees will be available at the Opening.

Prize for this Wednesday, March 4:


With less than a week away, we are the midst of installing Scott C's most impressive show to date.  We have seen the work firsthand and it is absolutely amazing!  As promised, our final reveal of work before the opening reception this Saturday.


At an impressive 30"x44" size, we present WHALE HOUSE...



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